CAP—Where Dreams Happen

CAP has always been in the business of making dreams come true—whether a family’s dream for a better life, or our shared dream for a stronger and healthier community.


2012 saw the fulfillment of a very special dream. In summer, we opened Grounds for Opportunity (GFO), our full service café in Kelso that is also a job skills training center for the local restaurant industry, and serves as CAP’s central kitchen where Meals on Wheels and Senior Community Lunches are prepared daily.

 It was the culmination of six years’ effort, and like any dream that matters, it required commitment and perseverance, hard work, investments of time and financial resources, collaboration, and the support and encouragement from many individuals and organizations.

Ilona Kerby

Ilona A. Kerby,
Executive Director

 Also during 2012, the CAP staff engaged in a year-long, agency-wide self-assessment process. This was our first step in Pathways To Excellence, a quality improvement program designed for Community Action organizations. The next step is to embark on a journey of strategic improvements in how we conduct and report our work.

 It will be a major dream guiding us during this year: to be the best we can be as a community-based organization—more efficient, more consumer-friendly, more transparent, more effective.

CAP continues to be a place where dreams happen, our own as much as those of the people who come through our doors. By providing training, technical expertise, and support, we help them reach their goals. With your support and participation, we will continue to make dreams come true.

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