Frozen Menu

Need your meal delivered? Call 360-425-3430 ext 259.

Suggested donation of $3.00 per meal for Program Participants

Meals are available for public to purchase for $3 each at the CAP building.

Donations are greatly appreciated!

# Frozen Meals Options
4 MACARONI & CHEESE, green beans, sliced apples LS D LF LC
7 ROAST TURKEY, mashed potatoes w/gravy, mixed vegetables D LF LC
13 BRAISED BEEF STRIPS,mashed potatoes, spinach w/onions LS D LF LC
17 CORN DOG & CHILI, tator puffs, Italian blend veggies D LF LC
21 BBQ SHREDDED CHICKEN, w/kaiser roll, tator puffs, corn LF LC
23 CHICKEN ENCHILADA, rice w/peas, mexi corn LF LC
26 TUNA CASSEROLE, peas, peaches
28 MEAT TACO, tator puffs, mexicali corn LS LF LC
29 TEXAS CHILI, rice w/peppers & pimiento, broccoli LS D LF LC
32 BEEF & BEAN ENCHILADA, rice w/peppers, mexicali corn LS LF LC
35 BREAKFAST BURRITO, sweet rice, sliced apples D LF
37 FRENCH TOAST, beef sausage patty, O’brien potatoes,sliced peaches LS
40 COUNTRY GRAVY & BISCUIT, sweet rice, peaches LS LF LC
41 PANCAKES & SAUSAGE, beef sausage patty,sliced peaches D LF LC
42 TURKEY ALA KING, white rice,mixed vegetables, sliced apples LS LF LC
43 ROAST BEEF, mashed potatoes w/gravy, carrots D LF LC
44 HOT CHICKEN TENDERS, seasoned rice, green beans D LF LC
51 VEGETARIAN LASAGNA,Italian blend veggies w/zucchini, peaches D LF
54 MEAT LOAF, mashed potatoes w/gravy, green beans LS D LF LC
57 CHICKEN PATTY & RICE, mixedvegetables, spiced peaches LS D LF LC
62 HOT BEEF SANDWICH, w/gravy, O’Brian potatoes, carrots D LF LC
63 HOT TURKEY SANDWICH, w/gravy, mashed potatoes, green beans D LF LC
64 RANCHERO CHICKEN, rice w/peppers, mexicali corn D LF LC
68 SALISBURY STEAK, mashed potatoes, w/gravy,sliced peaches LS D LF LC
72 CHICKEN FRIED STEAK, w/gravy, chunk roasted potatoes, diced carrots D LF LC
73 SPAGHETTI & MEAT SAUCE, green beans, applesauce w/cinnamon LS D LF LC
76 CHICKEN CASSEROLE, broccoli, sliced peaches D LF LC
77 FISH & CHIPS, chunk roasted potatoes, broccoli D LF LC
79 DIRTY RICE, pinto beans, corn LS D LF LC
82 SWEDISH MEATBALLS, noodles w/sauce, 4-way veggies, pear halves LS LC
84 CHILI MACARONI, green beans, pear halves LS D LF LC
87 SLOPPY JOE, w/kaiser roll, tator puffs, peas LF LC
88 BEAN & CHEESE BURRITO, rice w/peppers, corn LS LF LC
89 BEEF STEW, white rice, mixed vegetables D LF LC
92 Sweet & Sour Beef Meatballs
93 Vegetable Chow Mein

Meal options: LS (low salt), D (diabetic), LF (low fat), LC (low cholesterol)