Lower Columbia CAP provides housing assistance services to those who are homeless. This includes people with income significantly below Area Median Income (AMI), who have no appropriate housing options identified, lack the financial resources to  obtain housing, and lack the support networks needed to obtain immediate housing.

These services include:


People who are homeless, and have no appropriate housing options identified, and lack the support structures needed to obtain immediate housing may qualify for short-term limited and temporary financial assistance that helps them obtain a home or apartment. People interested in this program need to contact the housing department to determine eligibility at 360-425-3430 ext. 213

Housing and Essential Needs Program

The Housing and Essential Needs (HEN) Program may provide non-cash housing and other assistance (personal hygiene items and bus tokens) for some recipients of state-funded Medical Care Services (MCS).

Assistance may be given to prevent utility shut-off, eviction, to pay for all or a portion of rental costs, utility deposits, and moving costs. Rental assistance is provided during entire period of program eligibility, contingent upon availability of funds. People interested in this program must first contact DSHS at 1-877-501-2233 to determine eligibility.

For information on Housing and Essential Needs, please contact 360-425-3430 ext. 213

Housing Retention Team

This project is a collaboration between Lower Columbia CAP, Love Overwhelming, and the Family Health Center to assist households with achieving and maintaining housing stability through case management.

The focus of this case management will be: to identify the risk factors in the household leading to housing instability, identify the resources needed to eliminate or mitigate those factors, coach the household through developing its own plan of action to achieve housing stability, coach the household as it follows-through with its housing stability plan, and actively help the household access the community resources needed.

Target households are identified through collaboration with the Homeless Prevention and Rapid Rehousing Program administered by Lower Columbia CAP, referrals from the Housing Locator and Landlord Liaison service administered by the Longview Housing Authority, and Intake and Assessments conducted at the Extreme Weather Shelter and Urban Rest Stop/Drop-In Center administered by Love Overwhelming; as well as referrals made by other homeless service providers. Physical Health referrals will be made with the Family Health Center.

For information on the Housing Retention Team, please contact 360-425-3430 x 301 & x 302

Permanent Supportive Housing for Chronic Homeless/Low Barrier Housing.

This program is an evidence-based pilot project modeled after the Corporation for Supportive Housing’s Frequent User Systems Engagement (FUSE) Initiative. The project relies on cooperation of the supportive housing provider (Lower Columbia CAP) with local jail, shelter, and hospitals to identify and do assertive recruitment of 6 chronic homeless who are high cost/frequent users of services and places them into permanent supportive housing. Lower Columbia CAP ensures that case coordination for program participants is made across the Continuum of Care, and case conferencing and coordinated intervention takes place in cases of hospitalization or re-arrest. Assistance with service and housing costs, as well as increased/expedited access of SSI/SSDI benefits by implementing a SOAR initiative is also provided. The intended outcomes are increased stability and self-sufficiency on the part of the program participants, a high housing retention rate, reduction in the use of shelters, and a reduction in the use of jail.

There is no application process to this program. Program participants are identified and recruited based on their history of chronic homelessness and use of system resources.

For information on Permanent Supportive Housing for Chronic Homeless, please contact 360-425-3430 x 223

Cowlitz Housing First! Coalition

Lower Columbia CAP actively participates in the Cowlitz Housing First! Coalition, working with local government and social services agencies to address the problems of Homelessness in Cowlitz county. The Coalition reviews and updates the Cowlitz County Ten Year Plan to End Homelessness; annually organizes an outreach event called Project Homeless Connect, where homeless and those at-risk of homelessness are put in touch with needed community resources; and also works with local government to develop and implement projects that address homelessness in Cowlitz County.

For information on the Housing First! coalition, please contact 360-425-3430 x 242

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